There are a lot of tips and tricks that some of the famous fashion magazines out there recommend for us to follow but you have to remember that there is no cookie-cutter approach to style. This is one of the most fun part of fashion – anything goes. There is no wrong fashion style whether it is eccentric or multi-colored. As long as it reflects you as a person and it makes you feel and look good, you can do whatever you want. The trick is finding the right clothes for you to be able to show and bring out your best features.  Professional says that you can only get the right the right clothes if you your body well.  

The trick is to identify and then embrace your own body type. Each of us are very unique – the same goes with our bodies! Our body shape is mainly about our proportions and fashion is mainly about making those proportions look at their very best. Most people would focus on the weight and height when they hear about body types, but it’s not really mainly about that. The focus should be on the shape. For instance, a very tall and slender girl can still have the same body type of a very curvy girl. It’s not really the matter of looking thin or curvy, it is about enhancing and accentuating your shape with the help of your personal style.  

There are generally five categories of body shapes. There is the wedge, the pear, the hourglass, the rectangle and the apple. You can belong to any category or you can fall into a mixture of two categories. If you have found your body shape then it can be easy to consider which fashion trends you should stick to and which ones you should avoid. What you have to do is fairly easy: assess yourself honestly and fairly in the mirror. The put all those fashion tips into the field. 

The Wedge Body Shape 

It is known as the inverted triangle shape. This body shape have features of wide shoulders, broad chest but with narrow hips and waist. The best asset for this body type is the legs so you will look best with wide-legged pants and full skirts. The goal of your clothes now is to accentuate your lower body and at the same time softening your upper body. 

The Pear Body Shape 

The pear has the upper body narrow and the lower body wider. To put it simply, your hips are wider than your shoulder. The best asset is the shoulders and the torso. The goal for this body shape is to add volume to the shoulders and upper body and emphasize the waist and arms. 

The Hourglass Body Shape 

Hourglass is characterized as the hips and shoulders having the same width but then set off with a tiny waist. The best asset is the tiny curves so the fashion goal now is to show them off. 

The Rectangle Body Shape 

The features include similar widths of the shoulders, hips and waist. The best asset for this shape is the arms and legs. The goal that should be accomplished with your style is to create curves and show the slender legs and arms. 

The Apple Body Shape 

The apples have features of narrow hips but most of the weight is above it. The shoulders, back and ribs are broad. The best asset for this body are those legs. So the fashion goals now then is to elongate the torso and then show off the legs.