Most people think that celebrities and all style bloggers have unlimited stylish wardrobes at their disposal that is because they do. But to some people – it can be hard to keep up with the style and trends from the celebrities. One thing you can do to make little tweaks to your wardrobe that will make it more stylish and more chic. Remember that you don’t always have to spend excessive amount of money to look amazing and stylish. There are tricks that you can follow to always get your OOTDs perfect. 

Clp Compu Design suggests the following ways that you can make your outfits instantly chic and cooler. 

Belt those layers 

Layering your clothes can be great way to be more stylish and more fashion-y but only when it’s cold outside. It can also be a great way to save money by utilizing some of the clothes that you already have in your closet. But sometimes when you have too much layer on, it can get look bulky or boxy on you by the end of your fittings. But when you add a little belt, it can make the whole outfit more put together and can cinch your waist to show off your curves under all those layers so it wouldn’t swallow you whole. 

Knot your shirt 

A know can cinch your waist and can also make the whole outfit more chic. If you tie a knot in the middle, it will show off your shape more and can give you a more sophisticated and polished look. If you have a long polo shirt, you can undo the last three buttons and tie them into a knot. Tighten it to fit you better above your belly button. Straighten it at the angle that you want it to be placed or where you want it to sit. It can be figure-flattering if you knot all the excess material of your dress or shirt. 

Fold the ends of your jeans 

Although there is nothing wrong with wearing your favorite jeans as it is, you can vamp it by cuffing them at the ends or folding them. It’s a great style trick to immediately freshen up your whole outfit that you have probably worn a lot of times already. Remember to take into consideration the pants that you are wearing. If you have a skinny jeans, make cuffs that is half-inch wide and only roll them twice or as many times as you want. But if you have a baggy type of jeans like the boyfriend jeans, make sure that you roll the ends to keep the casual and loose vibes of the outfit.  The messier the fold, the better.  

Layer those accessories 

Sure, putting one accessory is great but it’s greater when you add more. One ring in your hand will look cute but when you add five more, it gets cuter. But you also have to consider that you don’t look like you stole all the jewelry from your mother’s jewelry box. The trick is in their placement and how they are stacked on your body.